Reina Aveja

6 Songs [demo]

Reina Aveja - 6 Songs ©1998 Self-Released
1. Sick Sick Sick
2. O.B.B.
3. Too Good To Be True
4. Sassy
5. Freja's March
6. Smothering Jealousy

"From small packages..." That's the phrase that comes to mind listening to Florida's Reina Aveja. To meet the singer of Reina in person, you would never guess that she could have such a huge and terrifying voice. And to think that something this heavy and crushing could come from a quartet of young ladies. Well, kids, it's time to chuck out all your old paradigms of what women involved in music are expected to do and be. Judging by the Sabbath-drenched slowdeath approach and the screams that evoke an eyehategod thought or two (except most people would find this good), this demo shows some serious potential here. Occasionally moving along at a devastating Cathedral/Candlemass pace and other time positively bouncy, Reina is able to put some variance into things without sounding overly derivative of the obvious influences. This demo is an excellent find and I look forward to hearing this band develop in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1998

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