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Replicator - Winterval ©2001 Self-Released
1. (No More) Salted Beef
2. Soda Troll
3. Journey To The End Of The Night Part II
4. Ka Tet
5. Motivationally Challenged
6. Strategy
7. Will C. Wood
8. Taxi Driving

Replicator's Winterval has been sitting in my inbox queue for quite some time and this CD has received little attention for a couple of reasons. For one, I discovered that the disc didn't play in my main CD player, which meant that I had to either use the portable player in my car (which is obviously not where I write too many reviews) or hook up another player to my home stereo. Whether this CD was a bad pressing or Replicator has something against the Sony Corporation, I'm truly unsure, but the result was that I didn't bother playing this disc until recently. What I've discovered is that Replicator is a reasonably decent three piece indie band hailing from Oakland, California, who play a post-punkish style of rock that is reminiscient of current Fugazi.

The coolest thing about Replicator is that they use photos of their cats in place of their real visages. The second coolest thing about Replicator is that they have the ability to weave together some jangly, meandering compositions the way Fugazi has over the past two albums. Replicator by no means is a carbon copy of the DC legend, but the spirit is the same. Much of the album consists of instrumental wanderings, broken up with occasional singing. The vocals remind me quite a bit of the old SST band, Trotsky Icepick. Moreover, the poppier moments of Replicator sound somewhat similiar to Trotsky Icepick as well. The band never gets too involved in their own musicianship to lose the thread of the songs and are able to keep the meanderings fairly concise, which helps deliver a more significant punch than a less restrained band might throw.

Aside from the technical difficulties of the CD, I can find very little complaint in Winterval. The band's ability to explore three piece, guitar based rock with more than just a compass and guiding star suggest they have an interesting future in front of them. Without a doubt, curious indie and post-punk fans should check this band out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2002

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