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The Arrival

Requiem - The Arrival ©2002 Sound Riot Records
1. Arrival
2. Revival
3. Broken Alliance
4. Whispers
5. The Invisible Touch
6. Forgotten Path
7. Halls Of Eternity
8. Liquid Hours
9. Masquerade

Just when I thought pitiful, ahem, power metal couldn't get any worse, along comes Requiem from Finland. From all accounts, Finland sounds like a nice country full of great people and beautiful scenery. However, they seem to have a penchant for also providing some of the most derivative, shallow power metal bands on the planet. Requiem just happens to be worse than most. Literally everything they do has been borrowed from someone. Stylistically, they're way too close to the likes of Nightwish or Stratovarius or any number of bands who are essentially rehashed, half-baked pale inferiors of their influences. Despite the ability to whisk through showy guitar and keyboard leads, Requiem can offer nothing but a weaker version of "more of the same" in a genre that is incredibly crowded and unoriginal.

The Arrival is simply dreadful and produces many cringeworthy moments where the listener either thinks, "Geez, there is a musical idea I've heard a hundred times before" or during many moments of their singer's horrible warbling. These sort of bands essentially water down metal even further, flooding the market with a vast amount of subpar efforts, all of which clamour for your hard earned dollars or euros. Just don't. Don't buy it, don't listen to it, and if you find a worse power metal record, for god's sake, don't share it with others.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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