Revolvers - Revolvers ©1999 Self-Released
1. All I Want To Know
2. Better Off Alone
3. There's A Heart
4. Devotional
5. Marley
6. Annie
7. The Only One
8. Not Really Blue
9. New Depression
10. Standin' Sadly
11. Torch
12. The Angels' Share

Kansas City's Revolvers are a simple, pop-punk band that specializes in simple but highly catchy rock in the vein of Descendents, though mostly on the merit of their "girl" oriented songs. Just a glance at the lyrics will give you an idea of the lyrical thrust. There is no Philosophy 101 here; rather these are just honest songs from the heart that will give a lot of listeners a sense of "I can relate to that!" Some pickier listeners (namely, me) will note that there isn't much variety between the songs, other than tempo. But if you don't mind that, the songs are fun to sing along with and are good for the genre the band has chosen. Singer Justin could use a bit more range and I think that a fatter guitar sound might beef up the rock end of this. However, those are just minor quibbles with an above average pop-punk record that should have a lot of appeal to fans of the style.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1999

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