Scott Reynolds

Livin' the Dream

Scott Reynolds - Livin' the Dream ©2007 Boss Tuneage
1. Cuda
2. Deer St.
3. That Noise
4. Until Forever
5. Your Sicko Dad
6. They
7. Peanut
8. She'll Do It
9. Scary Eyes
10. Angel
11. Fight Fifteen
12. Half Way to Vegas
13. Frog in my Pocket
14. No Laughing
15. Monster Ding Ding
16. Thank You Mr. Hollywood Fancy Pants
17. One to Ten
18. Roland Finn
19. Maybeline
20. Jimmy Misses Sarah
21. Piss Me Off
22. Silver Moon

Ah, what can be more telling than the retrospective album? In the case of vagabound and perpetually obscure singer Scott Reynolds, the only thing you can tell about this collection is that he's had one fine career that hopefully isn't over. Okay, it really isn't over since he's been quite busy with various projects over the last few years (The Bonesaw Romance, Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast, 40Engine with Stephen Egerton from ALL). But for those who somehow missed the bus regarding the post-ALL adventures of Scott Reynolds, this is your perfect chance to catch up.

Scott Reynolds has traversed the continent since leaving ALL (which was located in Missouri at the time). He spent time in Washington state, upstate New York, and finally has landed in Austin. Is he on the lam from the law? Email him to find out. Anyhow, during that time, Scott assembled a couple of underrated and underappreciated projects called Goodbye Harry and The Pavers. Success and attention eluded these bands. Yet, in the various releases issued by the two bands, many excellent songs were written and recorded. Livin' the Dream collects twenty-two such numbers, throwing in a couple interesting bonuses, such as the piano version of "Frog". The liner notes include Scott's amusing observations regarding what each song is about and throws in some personal history. Eagle-eyed observers will note the lack of any ALL songs ("Frog" notwithstanding). In fact, to avoid litigation by various factions (or, to make publishing rights a bit easier to deal with), Scott stuck to songs he penned and happened to not be on an ALL album. Besides, everyone knows about his tenure in ALL. No need to rehash it when there were so many great Goodbye Harry and Pavers songs to chose from.

The thing I've found ironic is since Reynolds left ALL in 1992 or '93, ALL has coasted into artistic insignificance. Sure, Breaking Things and Pummel were both quite strong releases, but subsequent efforts found them treading water as just another pop-punk band before essentially breaking up after 2000's lackluster Problematic. Meanwhile, although Scott has gotten precious little attention even from the dedicated ALL fans, our stalwart singer has consistently put out artistically strong music. This collection is a great place to sample some his fine music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2008

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