Right Said Fred

I'm Too Sexy [Single]

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy Single ©1991 Charisma
1. 7" Version
2. Extended Club Mix
3. Betty's Mix
4. Instrumental
5. Catwalk Mix
6. Tushapella
7. Spanish Version

File this one under "G" for Guilty Pleasures.

The brothers Fairbrass must've seen a picture of me when they wrote the lyrics ("I'm too sexy for my shirt; too sexy for my shirt; so sexy it huuuuuurts!"), so I can't help but like this song. It's a catchy little ditty from the early '90s…not much to it, really. A slightly funky bassline, some keyboards for texture on top, drum machine breaks underneath. Novelty dance club fodder, pure and simple—but I still like it. Just listen to the disdain in the line "No way I'm disco dancing!"

Even so, this single is almost too much of a good thing. On the plus side, each of the seven versions is distinctive and has some merit, however little it may be. For example, "Tushapella" is a kitschy 37-second rendition of the third verse and chorus with cheesy, echoing beats in the background. It's perfect for filling up those annoying blank spots at the end of mix tapes. The Spanish Version is similarly silly and therefore worthwhile. Problem is, the thinness of the original song shows through if you sit through the whole disc. This is easily remedied by only listening to one track at a time and shelving the disc in between for…oh, a month plus.

If you have the misfortune to own RSF's album Up, don't bother getting this single unless you really really like these guys. And do us all the favor of registering with the police so decent people can protect their children from the likes of you. But, if you harbor fond memories of laughing your ass off at these posturing gay muscleboys and didn't get their album, see if you can unearth a copy in some bargain bin. The chuckle you'll get is worth at least a buck ninety-nine.

Review by Jonathan Arnett

Review date: 07/1999

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