Rigor Mortis


Rigor Mortis - Freaks ©1989 Metal Blade
1. Freaks
2. Cattle Mutilation
3. The Haunted
4. Six Feet Under/Worms Of The Earth
5. Chained In The Attic

Nearly ten years ago I was an avid listener to a Sunday night radio program in Arizona called "Uncle Miltie's Staying Groovy Set", which featured an hour long show of thrash and death metal. That show, more than anything else, helped me find and discover more thrash bands that I still revere to this day. However, there were quite a few bands that truly rubbed me the wrong way at the time, including Rigor Mortis. Yet, listening to Freaks ten years later gives me a different perspective on the EP. While not quite being an earth shattering piece of work that will cause entire empires to collapse or rise (your pick), Freaks is a quite decent thrash/speed metal hybrid that was on the cusp of the extreme metal to dominate the underground in the 90s. Guitarist Mike Scaccia (who has performed on Ministry troupes) had a style that relied highly on immensely accelerated riff patterns, perhaps some of the fastest I can think of. As a result, there is a very swarming, locust feel to the music. The rhythm section was quite adept at simply holding down the lower end, with Casey Orr flavoring matters with subtle bass fills and lines. Perhaps the weakest link was the mono dimensional vocals of Doyle Bright. Simply barking out words, he was the one part of Rigor Mortis that is still a bit put offish. In the end, I have to say that Rigor Mortis actually has proven themselves able to stand up to ten years of time.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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