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Think Like A Mountain

Ritual - Think Like A Mountain ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. What Are You Waiting For
2. Humble Decision
3. Explosive Paste
4. Once The Tree Would Bloom
5. Mother You:ve Been Gone For Much Too Long
6. Think Like A Mountain
7. Moomin Took My Head
8. Infinite Justice
9. On
10. Shamarama
11. Breathing
12. Off

Sweden's Ritual is one of those bands that exist somewhat outside of the defined norms of their label, InsideOut Music. For the most part, this label features either boring 70s prog rehashes or boring modern power metal. Either way, you're usually in for a somnambulistic experience. Ritual, on the other hand, is just different enough that they escape the rote review where I tear them apart for being retrogressive and unescapably dull. Instead, I will take them to task for being inconsistent at best on their album, Think Like a Mountain.

Ritual's sound comes across as a watered down, much poppier version of a stunted King Crimson. Perhaps the closest counterpart on their record label is the equally left handed Event. Ritual is considerably more concerned with making catchy melodies and hooky songs than either Event or King Crimson. And one some of these songs, they definitely succeed. Where they break down is often the singing. The slightly nasal, higher toned vocals often approach the territory of Whine Republic. The other area of breakdown is when the attempt at catchy melody ventures right into Trying Too Hard Nation and become cutesy in the process. The band does succeed in using orchestration fairly well, so there are positives.

In the longrun, Ritual is not the type of band I could put on and thoroughly enjoy. However, in the context of the other blahness InsideOut has released in recent years, Ritual is one of the better bands on the label. Of course, that's still not saying much. Let's just leave it at this: Ritual did not offend my musical sensibilities and if you happen to like this sort of thing, we won't taunt you too much.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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