The Ruby Doe

Always With Wings

The Ruby Doe - Always With Wings ©2005 Loveless Records
1. All These Good Deeds
2. Red Letters
3. 1 A.M. In The Emergency Room
4. Entry Point Exit Wound
5. Always With Wings
6. Black Spots
7. For Zombies By Zombies
8. Cutting Ties
9. Euphobia
10. The Skeeze
11. That's Not Love
12. The Rising River

The Ruby Doe hails from Seattle and contrary to popular belief, this band does not rip off Queensryche like so many others do. Instead, this trio focuses on a hard rocking sound that deftly avoids such labels as "postpunk", "heavy metal" or "klezmer jazz". The Ruby Doe borrows a bit from two of the three labels, but their sound is simply a hard rocking, relatively melodic assault. And naturally, it's quite important to point out that unlike so many newer bands, these guys are not emo pansies who are too distraught over their wardrobe to bother playing their instruments with any degree of aggression or conviction.

Always With Wings, the band's third release, is a pleasing CD from beginning to end. Sure, there are some areas that could use improvement: the vocals are somewhat stuck in a certain range and there could be some room for growth. But essentially that's the only area where I'll moderately gripe. And don't even think of it as a gripe. Just a suggestion. The band knows how to insert catchy melodies in the guitar riffs. More importantly, there are some tunes here that'll stick to your ribs like gramma's real mashed potatoes (you know, the kind made with cream that are really bad for your arteries but entirely good for your taste buds). Of note, "Entry Point Exit Wound", "1 A.M. in the Emergency Room" and "That's Not Love" are quite memorable. The best song on the CD is the closer, "The Rising River", that utilizes some great keyboards.

For those who really aren't so keen to adhere to subgenres and just feel like a good rocking record, this is a good one to pick out. While the band can definitely continue honing their sound (which is true for just about any band in existence), Always With Wings is a very good effort that is recommended.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2005

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