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Finis Malorum EP

Sacramentum - Finis Malorum EP ©1995 Adipocere
1. Moonfog
2. Travel With the Northern Winds
3. Devide et Impera
4. Pagan Fire
5. Finis Malorum (Outro)

Sacramentum was one of the many Swedish bands that emerged from their fertile scene in the mid 90s. Their sound was reminiscent of Dissection, though they shouldn't be seen as a tightly clung clone. Finis Malorum was the band's first release. The band released it themselves in 1994 and the France's Adipocere stepped in to reissue it the following year. The EP is perfunctory and generally a satisfying listen for fans of the metal tangent that includes such terms as "blackened thrash", "melodic black metal" or "cranky looking Swedish guys who like to use nature as imagery in their song titles, but probably don't recycle household goods as often as they should". To a degree, some of the success of this EP is the fact that it lasts a quick twenty minutes, never giving the band the chance to wear out their welcome. Instead, they scamper into your home, invert a couple crosses, and sneak back out before your grandmother realizes her rosary beads got flushed down the toilet.

Finis Malorum generally is a solid album. The band seemed more intent on making music than trying to outshock audiences with non-musical capers. Sacramentum never quite gained a huge following, but they were quite competent at what they did. Finis Malorum is a good addition to those who enjoy the style Dissection offered up, but without the criminal nonsense that band endured.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2010

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The Coming Of Chaos

Sacramentum - The Coming Of Chaos ©1997 Century Black
1. Dreamdeath
2. ...As Obsidian
3. Awaken Chaos
4. Burning Lust
5. Abyss Of Time
6. Portal Of Blood
7. Black Destiny
8. To The Sound Of Storms
9. The Coming Of Chaos

Sacramentum, one of the more forgotten bands of the mid to late 90s, stormed out of the same gates as Dissection, offering a blend of blackened thrash metal. The Coming of Chaos is the band's first US release, coming on the heels of an EP and full length released in Europe. If nothing else, The Coming of Chaos should have established Sacramentum as a band to watch out for, as this CD shows quite a bit of promise and ability. But since history is a mean S.O.B., Sacramentum followed it up with one more release and vanished.

Anyone with a lick of knowledge about Dissection knows they are the template for blackened thrash. You take good, crunchy riffs inspired by 80s thrash like Destruction and Kreator, add in the trebly tendencies of 90s black metal and then have your vocalist rasp with plenty of echo. Dissection pulled this off with stunning results. Sacramentum, while not stunning, established themselves as quite credible here. The songs on The Coming of Chaos are all well written and performed, showing this band's skill level is fairly high. Tempos are fast paced, without an overbearing reliance on blast beating. The nice thing about Sacramentum is the band seems quite locked in on one another, giving a sharp edge to their music.

While this style has been copied and rehashed multiple times over the past few years, Sacramentum's contribution to the style should not be overlooked. Granted, they aren't ever going to be considered luminaries of blackened thrash, but at the very least, this CD should be considered something worth picking up to fill out a niche in your collection.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2004

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