Sacred Reich


Sacred Reich - Ignorance ©1987 Hollywood/Metal Blade
1. Death Squad
2. Victim Of Demise
3. Layed To Rest
4. Ignorance
5. No Believers
6. Violent Solutions
7. Rest In Peace
8. Sacred Reich
9. Administrative Decisions

Arizona's Sacred Reich existed at the peripherals of thrash music as one of the better second tier bands that surfaced throughout the 80s. Although they never quite seemed to break out and capture a healthy worldwide audience, they began a string of competent, enjoyable releases with Ignorance in 1987.

Early Sacred Reich was fairly accomplished, despite being during the band's speed-rush phase. Ignorance has the adrenaline of a bull drinking a few too many energy drinks and relies essentially on full throttle thrash pacing throughout the album's duration. Sacred Reich had an identifiable sound, but you can hear shades of both Slayer (particularly in vocalist/bassist Phil Rind's approach in gruffly spitting out the lyrics, similar to Tom Araya's style...without the random high pitched shrieking) and German thrash. Notably, Sacred Reich's blitzing approach is reminscient of what both Kreator and Sodom were doing at the time with a slight touch of the Bay Area scene as an influence. The band's lyrics are politically charged and socially aware, removing them from some of the more mundane, mindless acts of the time. Many of the songs are taken at full speed, although short instrumental breaks show the band can slow down and provide a mosh-inducing groove when necessary.

Despite being slightly entrenched in all thrashism cliches of the time, Ignorance is a very fine record. It almost becomes a bit too much speed frenzy by the end of the record, but its brevity keeps it from overstaying its welcome. Given a few more breaks and a bit more exposure, Sacred Reich could have become one of the more elite thrash acts. As it stands, Ignorance is one of the more fun, aggressive and enjoyable records of its era.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2003

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