The Sacrifice Poles

The Sacrifice Poles

The Sacrifice Poles - The Sacrifice Poles ©2000 Robodog
1. Guitarmeggedon
2. God Is On The Telephone
3. Silence (omitted)
4. Chewable Robots
5. Chow Foon The Moon
6. Audio Warfare
7. Upsetting Dream
8. Neon Glow
9. Feline Macabre
10. Brain Candle Waltz
11. Head Extensions
12. Low Rumble Waltz
13. Dead City Sunbeam

Unless you are the type of music fanatic who devours all information about bands and musicians, a fantastic release such as The Sacrifice Poles' self-titled release might just slip by you. Most people are aware of Cave In by now, what with the heaps of critical praise piled on after the release of Jupiter in 2000. However, it seems very few of the newly ardent fans are aware of this little side project called The Sacrifice Poles. During the recording sessions for Jupiter, the members of Cave In recorded various instrumental jams and improvisations that ended up on this release. Obviously little fanfare was given to it, but let's just say it deserves a bit more attention than it has gotten.

Instrumental music, in general, is a field that essentially alienates a lot of folks, myself included. There often is a tendency for musicians to overplay or be too showy for their own good. The nature of The Sacrifice Poles seems entirely different, as things such as mood and simply letting the whole of the music portray itself. The recordings on this album are a bit rough, as they are meant to be. Being as most were improvisational, you can sense the occasional mistake, but it's hardly worth quibbling over. The jams are atmospheric, very spacy and quite moving at times. The beauty of The Sacrifice Poles is that the band seems quite content to let the music breathe and exist rather than trying to force anything. The creativy the members of Cave In have shown is downright impressive.

For those who were consumed by the more atmospheric and mind bending aspects of Jupiter, The Sacrifice Poles is a worthy quest. Despite the deliberately obscure nature of the release, it is a fantastic find once you do come across it. Trippy, loose and gorgeous, The Sacrifice Poles is yet another impressive accomplishment for the Cave In boys.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2003

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