Greg Sage

Sacrifice For Love

Greg Sage - Sacrifice For Love ©1991 Restless
1. Stay Be Me
2. Sacrifice For Love
3. Know By Now
4. Forever
5. The Same Game
6. No Turning Back
7. Ready Or Not
8. For Your Love
9. This Planet Earth
10. Dreams

Considering how similar Greg Sage's solo work is to the Wipers, I have often regarded his second solo album, Sacrifice for Love as nothing more than a "lost" Wipers album. Though recorded solely alone with just a drum machine for company, Sacrifice for Love has all the spirit, mood and atmosphere of the Wipers' moodier moments, but since Sage is in fact the Wipers, this should come as no surprise. Possibly the major difference is that this solo release is much more reliant on his mournful, "lonesome coyote howling in the desert" facet of his personality, as opposed to the somewhat less soulful Wipers releases. Sage's guitar stylings and excellence sense of appropriate soloing are still firmly intact. Moreover, the songs here are some of the best the man has ever penned. With acoustic guitar interplaying with his unique electric guitar, Sage's identity is in place throughout the record. "Stay By Me", the lonesome sounding cover of "For Your Love" and the title track all benefit greatly from the overall vibe of the record. The best way to describe this is if you took the spirit of old country and western music, set it to a straight forward rock mentality and let the cards fall where they lie. Sacrifice is, by all means, a rock record but the lonely-in-the-desert feeling is very much the atmosphere. Definitely an overlooked and highly recommended piece of rock subhistory.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2000

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