Sanguis Et Cinis


Sanguis Et Cinis - Madrigral ©1999 Sad Eyes
1. Prinzessin
2. Phantom
3. Ein Blinder Spiegel
4. Isabelle
5. Ein Brief Anů
6. Personenkult
7. Unconscious Lovesong
8. Jesus Dragqueen No. 1
9. Metropolis
10. Im Angesicht Der Sonne Und Im Auge Des Lichts
11. Zerbrich Mich

More or less unknown in the United States, Sanguis et Cinis are an Austrian gothic foursome that plays music that is similar to Switchblade Symphony's: gothic guitar rock with lots of synth and electronics. But oh, how unspectacular they are. My expectations were high after hearing select mp3 samples of this band's music, but I'm sad to say Madrigal is quite the trying listen. This one does have its moments, such as the metallic "Isabelle" and the acoustic closer "zerbrich mich", and Eve 5225 Evangel's male sing-speak and Celine Cecilia Angel's translucent female "sing-chirps" complement each other nicely. The album however, is beset by a gang of problems, from long, drawn-out songs, to rather weak, overly repetitive melodies.

The music is at the same time heavy and dancey, a strange amalgamation that sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't. When it works, the resultant products are songs like the aforesaid "Isabelle" and "Prinzessin"; other times, however, the dancey synths and chunky guitar riffs clash quite rudely. The lyrics are written in both German and English, and are perhaps sung a few too many times. This is one area where the dance music/heavy metal dichotomy goes awry; verse-chorus songs call for brevity, while dance, techno numbers tend to be more drawn out. In spite of a few quality moments, Madrigal on the whole is not worth your money. In passing, note that Sanguis et Cinis used to compose Medieval gothic music Ó la Lacrimosa, but somewhere down the line they made the switch to their present style. A poor decision on their part, I must say.

Review by Jeffrey Shyu

Review date: 08/2000

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