Suspended Sentence/Into The Future

Satan - Suspended Sentence/Into The Future ©1987 Steamhammer
1. 92nd Symphony
2. Who Dies Wins
3. 11th Comandment
4. Suicidal Justice
5. Vandal
6. S.C.U.M.
7. Avalanche Of A Million Hearts
8. Calculated Execution
9. Key To Oblivion
10. Hear Evil, See Evil, Speak Evil
11. F*** You
12. Iceman

Aside from picking possibly the worst name for a metal band that is not satanic, Satan's claim to fame is more about who else the various band members have played for. With lineage that includes Blitzkrieg (who is only known en masse because of some Metallica cover) and Skyclad, Satan's membership is somewhat impressive, especially for disciples of NWOBHM. The music of Satan (heh do you see the problem with their name?) is essentially an old school metal variety of twin guitar harmonies and a bass that actually holds its own in the mix. My biggest trouble with Satan is that aside from the fact that he stole my teddybear (you saw that coming and you know it!), vocalist Michael Jackson - not the famous NFL wide receiver - is so terribly overblown and faux dramatic. Satan is quite adept musically and it's a shame that the vocals have to be the stereotypical wailing metal parody. Nevertheless, any fan of NWOBHM or people curious about current Skyclad members Graeme English and Steve Ramsey's past might want to check out Satan.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/1999

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