Savage Gentlemen

Savage Gentlemen

Savage Gentlemen - Savage Gentlemen ©2000 Land Of Nod Productions
1. Filth
2. No Mask!
3. Torture
4. Cylinder 333
5. Riverside
6. Lullaby
7. The Pact
8. Cosmic Wrench
9. Love's Curse

Personally, I thought that the teenaged industrogothyrock craze died out after Antichrist Superstar. The song and dance had gotten old, I reasoned; the product was left congealing at the lowest plane on the musical landscape. With such a lack of quality and an abundance of releases, why shouldn't Marilyn Manson's brand of shock rock go quietly into that good night?

As it turns out, albums like this are the reason why the genre can't die its rightful death. Embodying the most rehashed ideas in what was never a terribly innovative movement, Savage Gentlemen's self-titled debut (and with any luck, their finale) is a milquetoast addendum to an insipid chapter in musical history. As can be expected, the singer wails in something he probably imagines as a sensual freakfest of a voice, while managing only to come across as overprocessed and off-key. This would normally detract from the enjoyment of the music, so the frontman should count his lucky stars that the particularly toothless tunes behind him cannot be enjoyed under any circumstances. I'm certainly counting mine, overjoyed that I never have to listen to this steaming heap of formulaically angsty dross again.

Review by C. LeRoux

Review date: 08/2001

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