Savior Servant

Savior Servant

Savior Servant - Savior Servant ©1997 Dominion Record
1. Trippin'
2. Alleytown
3. Inner Sage
4. Rest Our Souls
5. Wimstis
6. In My Head
7. Reflections
8. Monastery
9. Crazy Again
10. Tin Can Alien
11. Stillborn

Savior Servant's debut is like a time-capsule from a more innocent time in our cultural landscape; mainstream music (think Slaughter and Skid Row) wasn't completely immersed in pools of irony, and high-top sneakers were still fairly acceptable (although at that point headbands were completely out of the question). I digress. Savior Servant play party rock with astonishing conviction, like they could care less what Rolling Stone magazine would think of their fashionableness. The smarts are showing - perhaps they know this now unique brand of hard rock will soon inevitably make sense to the herd we call the American public, but the deeper question is whether or not they're concerned with such marketing dilemmas. I do not believe they are. This is honest, boisterous anthemic rock with big choruses (even the most hard headed techno cannot resist "Alley Town") and it will entertain you if allow yourself to give in to it. Strong vocals by one Leonardo Cancela and convincing songwriting highlight this odd excursion into a musical realm almost extinct.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 06/1999

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