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New Beginning

Scenes - New Beginning ©1999 Self-Released
1. Mysterious Bird
2. Display
3. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
4. Away

Demo discs are a risky business. You never know quite what you’re going to get. Sometimes you’re very disappointed. Other times, like with this disc, you make a new friend.

Scenes have been around since 1995. New Beginning is the recent demo from the band. They have finally completed their line-up adding the former Dreamscape vocalist Hubi Meisel to their roster. This demo offers a taste of what may be anticipated on their first full release due out by the end of 2001. If that release continues in the vein of this disc, it will be a very good disc.

The music on New Beginning is driven by two guitars, the keyboards, rhythm and vocalist moving together in a neatly precise package. The disc is just short of thirty minutes in length making the songs nice and long. The guitars weave together in a manner similar to Soul Cages’ use of two separate melody lines that move apart and come back together in a really nice way. There is a good bit of power behind the play. There are loads of crunch to the sound. The guitars are backed and framed neatly by the keyboards making a great soundscape for the vocalist. The singing is very good with some nice and complex vocal melodies. There are hints of Dream Theater, Vanden Plas and Symphony X present in the music. For a young band, this is a very mature and focused demo. This is highly recommended stuff and I look forward to their full length album with great anticipation.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 07/2001

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