Fair Weather Karma

Sciflyer - Fair Weather Karma ©2003 Clairecords
1. Barnstorm
2. Burn & Sell
3. You're From The Ocean
4. Burning Down The House
5. Come Up To My Cloud
6. Like An Ion
7. Alpha Centauri
8. Letting Go Of Everything
9. (Reprise)

Drawing very heavily upon the twin influences of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, the trio called Sciflyer presents a seemingly instrumental, upbeat approach to the whole shoegazer/dreampop equation. In creating their atmospheric, somewhat droning music, Sciflyer relies primarily on an cavalcade of guitar effects and feedback techniques. The dreamy nature of their music tends to lean more towards the Slowdive side of things as the band doesn't use their music to create too much of a harsh or dissonant mood. There is a tendency to dwell in highly repetitive guitar lines, particularly in the nearly twelve minutes of "Burning Down the House" (which is not a Talking Heads cover, in case you were curious). The result, assuming the listener is willing to let him or herself drop into the mood, is music that can quietly captivate and be quite beautiful. Sciflyer does have lyrics and vocals, but they are mixed very much within the rest of the music to create a disembodied, floating voice that is sometimes undetectable. It's very possible that guitarist Steve Kennedy, who provides the voices, is planting subliminal messages but I haven't had the urge to buy the extra large portion of buttered popcorn, so I'm assuming this album is safe.

Fair Weather Karma is very much a passive, low key dreampop album that is most definitely leaning more towards "dream" than "pop". Fans of feedback and droning atmospherics should enjoy this album. It might get too repetitive for some, but for a relaxing escape, it'll do in a pinch.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2003

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