Screeching Weasel


Screeching Weasel - Wiggle ©1992 Lookout!
1. Hanging Around
2. I'm Not In Love
3. One Step Beyond
4. I Was A High School Psychopath
5. Crying In My Beer
6. Slomotion
7. Like A Parasite
8. Joanie Love Johnny
9. Second Floor East
10. Automatic Rejector
11. Jeannie's Got A Problem With Her Uterus
12. Sad Little Girl
13. Ain't Go No Sense
14. It's All In My Head
15. Teenage Slumber Party
16. Danny Is A Wimp
17. Going Home

Screeching Weasel has been this long running, Ramones-inspired punk outfit that has had its share of good songs and okay albums, but of the ones I've heard, Wiggle is the only one that is good all the way through. Sporting a five man lineup, allowing frontman Ben Weasel to concentrate entirely on vocals for this album, Wiggle runs the listener through seventeen (or fourteen on vinyl) songs that cover the basic punk rock spectrum and inject the music with a high dose of fun. For music like this, fun is the most necessary element to keep one's interest. Whether Weasel is singing that, "I'm not in love" or revisiting TV land of old on "Joanie Loves Johnny" (but "Chachi is getting pissed"), this album is an adrenaline charged rush of fun. The band doesn't attempt to work outside their given limitations, which also help matters. The guitarists also know the value of a smart lead guitar line, especially on "One Step Beyond" or "It's All In My Head". With an aggressive and propelling drum throughout the entire record, these songs race forward with enthusiasm. A lot of these songs have ended up on various mix tapes I've made for my car and always provide an upbeat good time. If you get but one Screeching Weasel album in your life, Wiggle may be your best investment.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2000

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