The Scrimmage Heroes

Nothing Comes Clean

The Scrimmage Heroes - Nothing Comes Clean ©1999 Offramp Records
1. Happy Accidents
2. Know Idea
3. Melodrama
4. Tired Of Making Friends
5. Little Opal
6. My Fault
7. Arkansas
8. Thoughts About Snow
9. Artificial Limbs
10. Red Tape Phasers
11. Academy Fight Song
12. Ripped Off

With former Big Drill Car guitarist Mark Arnold in the ranks of the Scrimmage Heroes, it's only natural that this relatively new band's initial attention is going be derived from that bit of information. However, it needs to be stated that he is only one-fifth of the picture of the Scrimmage Heroes' game. Nothing Comes Clean is a very solid rock record that focuses very much on coming up with with good three minute songs. The punk background of the band more or less only means the band tends to play a bit faster, but this is still what rock is supposed to be about: energetic, catchy and fun. The best example of making things come together is on "Know Idea", which has one of those choruses that is guaranteed to stick in your head well after you put the CD back on the shelf. Singer Noel Paris is able to convey some honest emotion in his voice, though at times he's a bit restrained with his range. On the two slower songs, I have to admit I'm not entirely comfortable with his soft voice. But more often than not, he delivers the songs well. The band also picks an excellent cover with Mission of Burma's "Academy Fight Song", which is bouncy as so many beach balls. The Scrimmage Heroes are an good new outfit that very wisely bypasses the pop-punk phenomenom and shows that just striving to write good rock songs is going to pay off in the long run.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1999

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