Inception Of Decay: 10th Anniversay Edition

Septik - Inception Of Decay: 10th Anniversay Edition ©2002 Winterthorn
1. Dreams In The Witch House
2. Conqueror Worm
3. Cryogenesis
4. Inception Of Decay
5. Eve Of Destruction
6. Silent Symphony
7. In Extremis

Originally released as a demo in 1992, Inception of Decay took quite awhile to find itself in CD format. Septik's band members drifted apart after the recording of the demo, causing the band to remain in obscurity for many, many years until they reunited and gave this demo a remastered new look for Winterthorn. Although the concept of an "anniversary edition" is amusing for a fairly unknown band, Inception of Decay aptly documents what was a promising death metal act in the early 90s.

Septik's sound is obviously influenced by some of their contemporaries in the early 90s. Most evident is the Bolt Thrower influence in the rolling, topographical nature of their rumbling death metal sound. The members are more than competent at their instruments. Moreover, keyboards are used here and there (mostly for atmospheric moments), which wasn't terribly common at that point. If I remember right, Nocturnus was one of the few death metal bands even trying to use keyboards at all. Inception of Decay has been remastered so it does sound a bit better than many demos, but it still retains the prevelant feel of 1992 death metal.

Although hardly a release that could have changed the face of death metal, Septik's Inception of Decay could have definitely gotten more attention had it seen wider distribution. Fans of that era of death metal would probably find quite a bit to enjoy here.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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