Seraphim Shock

Red Silk Vow

Seraphim Shock - Red Silk Vow ©1997 Self-Released
1. Relic
2. After Dark (Devil's Trip Mix)
3. Rise & Resist
4. Shadow Realm
5. God Of This World
6. Kitty's Dead
7. Beyond Forever
8. Annabell
9. Flowered Mary
10. Bloodline

Seraphim Shock is a Colorado goth band that might immediately remind some of Rammstein crossed with a bit of 80s new wave and particularly Fields of the Nephilim. Their sound is nothing unusual, innovative or unexpected, but they pull of the heavy brooding dark sound quite efficiently. The songs mix it up from a chugging, guitar laden metalesque sound to a more ethereal, serene keyboard approach that breaks up any potential monotony of the album. Charles Edward's vocals range from a good, emotive baritone approach (you know, the "typical" gothy voice) to a sinister hiss and snarl for the more aggressive moments. Unfortunately the band uses a fairly primitive drum machine for their percussion and that adds a tad too much of the expected cheesy 80s new wave goth sound than this music deserves. But I'm sure that's the pitfall of being a goth band on a budget. Regardless of the minor architectural issues, Red Silk Vow has plenty of good songs from the very moody "Kitty's Dead" (the one most reminiscient of Fields of the Nephilim) to the Skinny Puppy edged atmosphere of "Relic". This is the type of album that isn't quite powerful enough to provoke you into utterly worshipping the band, but it does provide that occasional good and very enjoyable listen. Interestingly, fans of The Kovenant might want to take note that there are more than a few similarities between the two bands, making Seraphim Shock something to check out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2000

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