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Walk Together, Rock Together

7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together ©1986 BYO Records
1. Regress No Way
2. We're Gonna Fight
3. In Your Face
4. Spread
5. 99 Red Balloons
6. Remains To Be Seen
7. Walk Together, Rock Together
8. How Do You Think You'd Feel?
9. Strength
10. Still Believe
11. Out Of Touch
12. Drug Control
13. Bottomless Pit
14. This Is The Angry Part 2
15. New Wind/we're Gonna Fight

As one of the earlier positive punk rock bands, 7 Seconds released a series of early 7 inch records with what seemed to be a constantly revolving lineup of musicians. This particular release features recordings done with Ian MacKaye and some live tracks. However, the CD's tray track listing varies from the original vinyl listing and the liner notes are somewhat confusing in that regard. Regardless, Walk Together, Rock Together captures the band in their most notable phase in the mid 80s with their positive message of unity and ethics.

Their music at the time was actually lacking quite a bit in varying up their sound. The drum beats are a frantic but very simplistic pattern that pretty much ranges from sort of fast to faster to "boy, that's pretty darned fast" with guitars playing power chords that are locked in. Kevin Seconds' singing voice is clear but really exploring his range beyond one tone and delivery. Regardless of all that, this particular approach has defined 7 Seconds all these years, even through their more "experimental" releases that were to come in the future. The most important thing about Walk Together, Rock Together is the message and the energy contained in the record. You will not find much in the way of musical innovation here but this is one of the records that defines the secondary tier of important punk bands of the 80s.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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7 Seconds - Ourselves ©1988 Restless
1. Escape And Run
2. Far Away Friends
3. The Save Ourselves
4. If I Abide
5. Wish I Could Help
6. (Sleep) In Memory Of Robyn S. Schumacher)
7. Sister
8. Middleground
9. When One Falls
10. Some Sort Of Balance
11. Seven Years

As evidenced on a couple previous releases, 7 Seconds continues to move away from their hardcore roots on Ourselves, obstensibly a record that suggests they wanted to play music that represented how they viewed their own artistic intentions. Ourselves is, in fact, a pretty decent record, though it's hard to fathom the change from their early seven-inch records to this polished, modern rock album. They actually pull of the style change well on this record and as a result, Ourselves is worthy for fans of melodic modern rock.

The main focus seems to be on Bobby Adams' neo-psychedelic guitar lines and Kevin Second's solid melodic vocals. While Kevin isn't exactly what you'd call a great technical singer, he carries the passion of the lyrics well in his voice and that helps deliver the songs with sincerity. Moreover, drummer Troy Mowatt is no longer a monotonously patterned rhythm player and actually shows he is capable of more than straightforward 4/4 timing played fast. The band shows off their sound the best on the instrumental "Sleep (In Memory of Robyn S. Schumacher)", which is utterly beautiful and moving. Most of the songs are inherently catchy.

While fans of 7 Seconds' early hardcore days might have been highly disappointed in this softer style, rest assured those into modern rock and well played melodic rock will find this to be a more than adequate album.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2001

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