Seven Witches

Xiled To Infinity And One

Seven Witches - Xiled To Infinity And One ©2002 Noise
1. Metal Tyrant
2. Incubus
3. Salvation
4. Xiled To Infinity And One
5. Warmth Of Winter
6. Anger's Door
7. Eyes Of An Angel
8. Pain
9. The Burning
10. See You In Hell

Probably the most notable aspect of Seven Witches is who resides in the band's ranks. Wade Black is best known for his role in the reunion and dissolution of Crimson Glory a couple years ago and Jack Frost is most known not for children's stories, but playing guitar in Savatage. Beyond that, Seven Witches offers very little that is worth the time of any discerning listener. The band's press release tries to justify their existence by saying the band harkens to a time when metal involved an impressive vocal range and guitars. While there something to be said for staying true to one's roots, there is much more to be said for having the ability to create songs that offer more than just a formula. Xiled to Infinity and One is definitely an old school metal record, but certainly one that would have been overlooked - with good reason - had been released in 1989 rather than 2002. No one can knock the band for their obvious talent, but without applying it to meaningful, impressive songs that transcend formulas and overused concepts, it really means nothing. Gee, we've all heard vocalists soar to high notes, guitarists display flashy solos and heavy riffs and drummers waterfall their way through double bass sections. Unfortunately, so many current power metal acts think that inserting all these elements into their music immediately makes it worth someone's time. That misconception is what dooms bands like Seven Witches to be nothing more than notable for being able to place a sticker on the cover saying their members have been involved with much more famous bands. These are the kind of albums that make me wish I had never received promos in the first place.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2002

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