Shovelbarn - Shovelbarn ©1998 Fabulous Music
1. Raspberry Filth
2. Whicky Whack
3. Strychnine TV
4. Fly Sh*t & Vomit
5. Socially Mundane
6. Babble On
7. Caught In The Flood
8. Fabulous Hoboken
9. Hoodlum Five
10. Audio Genius
11. Whoom

Shovelbarn is one of those unfortunate bands who, by fault of their own, dwell in the limbo land of nondescript music that is neither offensively band nor simply smashing. Rather, they excel at being entirely too average. For quick specs, Shovelbarn's music is succienctly filed into the moshcore/modern metalcore racks with an occasional groovy swamp-blues hint to slightly set them apart. I'm sure by now everyone has heard at least thirty bands that have the heavy ol' guitars and vocalist who insists upon screaming or hollering during the heaviest sections. So that right there is predictable and quite frankly, well overdone. Shovelbarn is at least more rhythmically bouncy and effective than some of the genre stalwarts. Perhaps those finding interest in Nothingface will appreciate Shovelbarn. As for me, my attention lags halfway through the CD as metalcore doesn't particularly grip me in any fashion at all but at the same time they aren't nearly as bad as some of the third rate contenders I've heard in recent months. Let my ambiguity guide you.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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