Shrine of Scars

Violence Is The Answer

Shrine of Scars - Violence Is The Answer ©2003 Disfigured Records
1. Violence Is The Answer
2. Reflection Of Human Wreckage
3. In Memory Of...
4. Strangled By The Hands Of Fate
5. Practice Random Acts Of Killing
6. Mental Warfare
7. Dimensional Terror
8. Vulture's Circle
9. Children Of A Lesser God
10. Awaken To Conflict
11. Divide Dissect Destroy
12. No Sympathy
13. Death Attack

Shrine of Scars is one of the few newer bands who can take on old school thrash, update it somewhat with 90s influence and sound neither dated nor derivative. Violence is the Answer is a fairly impressive release for this young band, offering a mixture between At the Gates styled Swedish Death Metal and old school thrash, in particular Kreator. Shrine of Scars has a relentless approach that gives listeners the best of both worlds. The riffs are very fluid while the tempos are paced to harm your neck vertebrae. The vocals are highly reminiscient of Kreator, which of course gives the automatic kneejerk "sounds like Kreator" critical response. But the similarities are a good thing! Shrine of Scars also shows that they aren't going to rely on simply blasting through every song as they do slow down tempos and create occasional atmospheric passages. The only complaint I have is that at times their singer gets that reedy, thin Dani Filth screech and that's just never a good thing.

Violence is the Answer is brief but to the point. The CD gives a very favorable impression of this act and should be of interest to anyone who fancies a blackened thrash approach that still has a fresh feel to it.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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