Shunt - Shunt ©1998 Sinister Music
1. Away
2. Short
3. What I Am
4. Jeremiad
5. Cringe
6. Burn

Shunt come from a long line of very polite rock bands arising from in and around the Canadian capital, a list which includes Love Chain, Feel, Crawl, Slash Puppet et al. The common denominator was a dedication to the hard rock of such Canuck luminaries as the Killer Dwarfs (that's called sarcasm) and the traditional, no-frills roots rock of bands like Thin Lizzy and Y&T. Nestled within this melting pot of influences, Shunt have smartly been soaking up the 90s; more precisely, the early 90s. Those under appreciated rogues Saigon Kick manifest subtly in the greyish ambiance and dramatic vocal tendencies, and more obviously Shunt have no doubt been impressed by Alice In Chains and their splicing of melody and metal (grunge). Throw in some Quicksand/Helmet-like grooves and you've got half-dozen damn cool, albeit unflashy metal songs (the likes of which are a rarity in these black days) and a raison d'etre upon which to operate. Unique in these times and inutterably refreshing. Here's to hoping Shunt do not go the way of Love Chain, Feel, Crawl, Slash Puppet et al.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 05/1999

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