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Siebenbürgen - Loreia ©1997 Napalm Records
1. Vampyria
2. Nattens Väv
3. Mardröm
4. Ungentum Pharelis
5. Om Hösten Död
6. Loreia
7. Att Dricka Nagons Blod
8. Vittring Av Liv
9. Morgataria
10. Dödens Sömn

Apparently it takes a lot of extraneous bands to flesh out a scene and Siebenbürgen is simply yet another melodic and symphonic black metal tinged band who utilizes a trollish, death metal male singer with light soprano female vocals for dash and spice. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that formula, it definitely comes across as a formula and Siebenbürgen adds scant few other ingredients to the stew for their own flavor. Granted, Loreia is the Swedish combo's first full length release, so many ideas are still in the formative stages, but the album has little going for it to make it stand out from the rest of the pack. Their sound often reminds me a bit of early Gehenna (around First Spell) with fairly speedy black metal-ish riffing, occasional folky melodies and very straightforward drumming. The vocals are predominately the growly male singer, whose voice is noncommital and standard. The female vocal inclusions are a lot yodelling and yelping, which really aren't anything you want on your own personal black metal record. Loreia is the kind of record that is pleasant enough, but it's guaranteed you will tune out within a song or two and concentrate on much more wonderful activities, such as chasing your cat around the house. Perhaps if you see this album for very cheap in a used bin it is worth your time and effort, but please, for the love of Pete, don't break any speed limits racing to your local metal retailer in order to find a copy.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2001

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Siebenbürgen - Delictum ©2000 Napalm Records
1. Delictum
2. Majesties Infernal
3. Storms
4. Thou Blessed Be By Night
5. As Of Sin
6. Levande Begravd
7. Thy Sister Thee Crimson Wed
8. Opacitas (Queen Of The Dark)
9. A Dream Of Scarlet Nights
10. Oculus Malus

Although on Napalm Records for two previous releases, Siebenbürgen joined the label's infamous Breast Band Brigade with Delictum. Surely the alluring women on the front cover and back tray card are much more enjoyable to look at than their angry corpseboy on Grimjaur, but isn't Siebenbürgen afraid they'll become part of the joke that is starting to surround Napalm Records cover art?

Nevertheless, the band plods onwards musically and continues down their very safe path of symphonic black metal with Delictum. One cannot honestly criticize them too heavily for anything other than a lack of innovation or striving for a unique sound because the band does in fact do their chosen style fairly well. The production is slightly dirty, but clear enough allow the proper mood to be intact. The players in the band are all quite competent and their photos on their official website show they are quite competent in applying the corpsepaint for that freshly dead look. As with their debut, Loreia, everything is right in place where it should be. Doggone it, but these people have the formula down. Delictum is essentially enjoyable, but it's not for anyone striving to hear something different coming from Scandanavia. Granted, it's better than recent Dismal Euphony and on par with labelmates Trail of Tears, but you aren't going to see me playing this very often in the future. I suppose if you absolutely must have yet another symphonic black metal album with those haunting female backing vocals and growly boy lead rasping, don't let me stop you on the way to the record store. But don't expect encouragement or praise either.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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