Silent Exile

Dancing With Death

Silent Exile - Dancing With Death ©2000 Naivlys Music
1. The Brain Dance
2. Walls Of Society
3. Stratosphere
4. Broken Dreams
5. On The Hill
6. Glase Maakerstraat
7. Images Of War

Silent Exile are a progressive metal band from Montreal, Quebec, formed in 1996. They play complex and moody music that is full of atmosphere. This disc will be a welcome addition to any progressive metal fan’s collection.

This disc features some warm and rich sound. It is a real pleasure to find a band that focuses this intently on their sound. These songs sound as if they have gone through many revisions, each one honing the edge a little more until the final cut was a very finely crafted thing of beauty. There are no unnecessary pieces to this disc. The songs weave and dance together carrying forward a sound that is very inviting and serves to draw the listener very deeply into the music.

This disc features some of the best song writing I’ve heard in a while. The music is densely layered and tightly woven. Each component is very well done. The rhythm of drums and bass provide a great foundation for the band. The guitars and keys balance each other providing a great backing for some of the best vocals I have heard on a progressive metal disc in a long time. These vocals are right up there with those from Shadow Gallery or Soul Cages. The vocals are emotional and sung very clearly. When the elements are combined the result is an epic and majestic sound, reminiscent of some of the stuff we’ve heard from the Italian melodic metal bands. The difference here is the tight focus on the song. The elements of each song serve a purpose, either to create and heighten the atmosphere or to indicate a change in mood and tempo. There are no “solo for the heck of it” moments. The songs are delicately put together to emphasize the whole band and not just one member of it. These songs fit together to carry a larger sound forward in long, sweeping strides. The songs flow so well. The care that was taken in writing the songs stands out from every angle. This is a very strong debut disc. The longer compositions, “Stratosphere” and “Glase Maakerstraat”, both being over eight minutes, whet your appetite for the stupendous opus, “Images of War”, which is close to sixteen minutes of sheer aural delight. These tracks demonstrate the level of the artists in their song writing abilities.

Silent Exile have offered a stunning debut with this unconventional and innovative disc. The very fine song writing here indicates there will be some great stuff from these guys in the future.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 05/2001

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