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Silent Force - Infatuator ©2001 Century Media
1. Infatuator
2. Fall Into Oblivion
3. Hear Me Calling
4. Promised Land
5. We Must Use The Power
6. All Guns Blazing
7. Cena Libera
8. Gladiator
9. The Blade
10. Last Time
11. World Aflame
12. In Your Arms
13. Northern Lights
14. Multimedia Track

Silent Force are a European power metal band. They also have DC Cooper doing their vocals, which will immediately draw the attention of many fans of Royal Hunt. The opening two track of this disc are Judas Priest soundalike cuts that might make me table the disc for future listening, not being that enamored with Judas Priest. Track four sounds like Stratovarius, again a band I like, but only in small doses. But tabling the disc would mean missing some of the highlights.

The sound on the album is big. The choruses are big, the solos are big and the whole thing comes off as larger than life. There are some almost progressive moments on the disc, but not so much that I'd classify this as a crossover from power metal to prog. And while there is enough diversity to the songs to keep you listening, there is still a formula being followed of verse, chorus, solo, verse, chorus, solo. There are also the obligatory ballads. While this is the rote chanting of many a power metal band, few can follow it in a manner that keeps the music interesting. Silent Force manages to keep the interest going. The ping pong effect of the album, shifting from one style of power metal to another without missing a beat is where Silent Force shines. While it broaches no new territory, the shift and eddy of the music is enough that you will at least stay awake during the first six tracks.

Then comes this "trilogy" of songs crammed into the middle of the disc. It is here that the talent of the band comes out. I'd recommend this disc if only for these three songs, complete with full orchestra. Viktor Smolski wrote the intro and it is performed with the Belorussian state orchestra. While the rest of the disc is interesting, but not terribly original, this trio of loosely joined songs really rocks. There is an amazing amount of talent behind this disc.

DC Cooper's singing is top form as always. I don't know if this is going to be his new "home" or if he is still floating around seeking a place to fit. Silent Force has the potential to be a really great home for him. Power metal fans need to take note of this disc.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 01/2002

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