Silent Watcher Of Dark Matter


Silent Watcher Of Dark Matter - Installation ©2000 MP3.Com
1. Bipolar Outflow¹
2. Bipolar Outflow²
3. Sandstorm
4. Lux Aeterna
5. Immaculate Perception
6. Surface (edit)

Have you ever wondered what happens in a recording studio after everyone has gone home for the night? What if the various pieces of musical equipment spend the afterhours moments quietly burbling to one another? And suppose someone forgot to turn off the tape machine and it was all captured for some studio engineer in the morning to discover? That fanciful scene might describe slightly what the effect of listening to Silent Watcher of Dark Matter's Installation.

Existing in the same ambient queue as Lull, Silent Watcher offers an album's worth of the rise, fall, hint and suggestion of tones and background effects. This quiet album explores the realm of true ambience, relying only on varying tones and degrees of echo to make its point. At times this CD has the feeling of listening to something underwater as there's a bit of a "bubbly" effect, but also a very depth-oriented expanse. If one were to close one's eyes and visualize, it's not a stretch of the imagination to be floating a couple hundred feet under the ocean's surface and see the cascading and distorted reflection of the moon.

Given ambient music's lack of "music", successful ambience is only achieved when the listener's mind creates vivid mental pictures based on the sounds. To that degree, Installation is quite a winner.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2001

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Quiet Garden

Silent Watcher Of Dark Matter - Quiet Garden ©2000
1. This Quiet Garden 1
2. This Quiet Garden 2
3. This Quiet Garden 3
4. Microcarpa

Much like the other release by Silent Watcher of Dark Matter I've heard, Silent Garden is a very subliminal ambient CD that tends to exist mostly in the recessess of stereo speakers and edge of your room. Like a skittish animal, if you look directly at it, it will dash off in terror, leaving you with only traces of what you thought you saw. This is an album consisting of tones, soft rises in sound and echoes. A good percentage of this four song album is recorded so low that you're not quite aware of the sounds, although it does create a very underlying sense of ambience. It isn't the kind of thing that one can actively participate in listening to, but if you set it to the right activity, such as a good sci-fi novel (I recommend Dan Simmons Hyperion series, naturally), it becomes a nice backdrop. Silent Watcher of Dark Matter is quite unobtrusive and truly ambient in the strict sense of the term. Not harsh nor an assault on the sense, Quiet Garden is a pleasant experience for those into very serene ambience.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2002

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