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To Hell And Back

Sinergy - To Hell And Back ©2000 Nuclear Blast
1. The Bitch Is Back
2. Midnight Madness
3. Lead Us To War
4. Laid To Rest
5. Gallowmere
6. Return To The Fourth World
7. Last Escape
8. Wake Up In Hell
9. Hanging On The Telephone

Judging by the amount of bravado, press releases, and wars of words with other bands, the uninformed would be led to believe that Sinergy is one of the most important and innovative bands in metal today. Anyone with a clue knows differently.

Sinergy is allegedly led by Kimberly Goss, who has been kicking around the black metal scene as a low-rent Sarah Jezebel Diva, predictably working for Cradle Of Filth rip-offs Ancient as well as Dimmu Borgir for the blink of an eye. Her back-up vocals were adequate at best. This band proves that a mediocre back-up singer does not make a good frontwoman. If you like lame Pat Benetar impersonations, then Kim is the singer for you.

While the hype and photos around this band all center around Kim (see the hilarious "glamour shots" photos in the booklet), she contributes almost nothing musically. The majority of the music is written by Children Of Bodom singer/guitarist Alexi Laiho. How did an accomplished musician with a successful and respected band get roped in to a questionable vanity project? I'll give you one guess.

I would love to tear this album totally apart, but truthfully the music is pretty catchy stuff. It is sort of a watered down Children Of Bodom, power metal mixed with a bit of thrash with Alexi's over the top solos for spice. The exception to this is Goss's only solo writing credit, the ridiculous '80's power ballad "Laid to Rest". Bleh.

And I can't resist one more jab at the Courtney Love of metal. The spoken word performances on the verses of "Return to the Fourth World" are clearly trying to sound menacing; I was laughing out loud at this tepid vocalist now attempting to be scary.

In summary: what a train wreck. With a different singer this album could be fun; as is, you just have to wait for Kim to shut up to enjoy the guitar work. Children Of Bodom maniacs will probably want this, but others are advised to give Sinergy a wide berth.

Review by Scott Wilcox

Review date: 02/2003

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