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Baby's Got Back [Single]

Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby's Got Back Single ©1992 Def American
1. Baby Got Back (Album Version)
2. Cake Boy
3. You Can't Slip
4. Baby Got Back (Tekno-Metal Edit)
5. Baby Got Back (Hard B.W.B. Hip Hop Mix)
6. Baby Got Back (Hurricane Mix)

Another entry to be filed under G for Guilty Pleasures.

This ode to plus-sized booty is a crossover rap hit from Sir Mix-A-Lot, a denizen of the gloomy rain capitol of the continental US, otherwise known as Seattle, which is less known for its rappers than for inflicting the flannel-clad grunge scene upon America. Damn you, Puget Sound! Damn you to hell! Geography alone merits this song Strike One. It's also rap— that's grounds for Strike Two. And it's puerile—Strike Three. Life imprisonment in the bargain bin was never so richly deserved.

Yet, in spite of all that, I must admit that I have a soft spot for this particular song, if for no other reason than it reminds me of a cheerleader I knew from high school. She wasn't fat or anything—matter of fact, she was hot—but the hem at the back of her short little cheerleader skirt never was parallel to the ground. (Insert Homer Simpson voice.) "Mmmm…booty."

I'm sure that many other kids my age feel the same way I do about "Baby Got Back": "Ewww, that song. Play it." It's just one of those tunes that struck a nerve and insinuated itself into the consciousness of the nation's youth, somewhat akin to a mass brain tumor. Brain damage—this is why I own the disc—or so my friends tell me.

On with the review. The first track on the single, the album version, is the best thing on the disc. Other songs rate as follows. "Cake Boy?" Just rap, nothing special. *yawn* "You Can't Slip," an ode to pimping, sounds an awful lot like discombobulated Depeche Mode. *yawn* The "Tekno-Metal Edit" is barely techno and not even slightly metal, but it's propulsive and not entirely sucky. The lyrics, which are what make the song, are buried on "Hard B.W.B. Hip Hop Mix," and the resulting sonic glop is uninteresting. And the "Hurricane Mix" doesn't stink, but it certainly is odiferous.

If you remember "Baby Got Back" with any fondness, avoid the album at all costs and look for a compilation that includes the song. The single is both long out of print and full of other dreck; even so, I'll keep my copy because it's a neat-o trip down memory lane.

Review by Jonathan Arnett

Review date: 07/1999

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