Sister Double Happiness

Heart And Mind

Sister Double Happiness - Heart And Mind ©1991 Reprise
1. Bobby Shannon
2. Ain't It A Shame
3. Exposed To You
4. Sweet-talker
5. You Don't Know Me
6. The Sailor Song
7. Dark Heart
8. Heart And Mind
9. Hey Kids
10. I'm Drowning
11. Don't Worry
12. You For You

Originating from the early punk band the Dicks, Sister Double Happiness features the powerful, blues-ridden vocals of Gary Floyd. Floyd has been described as one who has the penultimate right to sing the blues, as he is not only from Texas, but is gay and overweight. Chances are he's eaten more crap in one day than most people do in a lifetime. Whatever the cause, his voice is simply a sonic force that screams emotion and heart. SDH sticks to a basic rock'n'roll formula that is just as much AC/DC as old time blues. The songs range from good old rock like "Ain't It a Shame" to more tender slow pieces like "Dark Heart". Though simplistic, the melodies and force of song make these stick to your bones like southern fried chicken and gravy. Heart and Mind has been so good that it's been on constant play on my CD player since I found it lurking in the racks of the used CD store. A definite recommendation for anyone into blues-drenched rock, with the emphasis on rock.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1999

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