Ooh Babe [Single]

Size - Ooh Babe Single ©1999 Size Productions
1. Ooh Babe
2. The Last Time
3. Mystery Guest

For those of you who were curious about whatever happened to the early 90s prog metal band Naked Sun, you'll probably be glad to know that guitarist Angus Clark has resurfaced again in a new trio called Size. (Incidentally, Angus didn't really disappear. Rather, he spent awhile touring with Kitaro.) While there is still a hint of a dressed down Naked Sun in this trio's music, Size comfortably fills a groove that has just as much dating back to the early 70s rock world as it does in today's modern rock. Clark's singing is reminiscient slightly of David Bowie, more in the way his voice moves than actual tone, as well as Chris Connelly's more romantic moments. The three songs here are all quite decent, perhaps only desiring a bit thicker and stronger guitar sound overall. Considering, however, that this is more or less a demo recording, that's only a minor issue. Size should have a lot of appeal to Naked Sun fans and anyone who likes the feel of older progressive rock in their modern music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1999

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