Skin Chamber


Skin Chamber - Wound ©1991 RC Records
1. Carved In Skin (Apt. 213)
2. Slice Of God
3. Sucked Inside
4. Skin Me
5. Mind Grinder
6. In The Sewer Of Dreams
7. Burning Power
8. The Nails Of Faith
9. Fat Hacker
10. Horde
11. Swollen Underground
12. Swallowing Scrap Metal (pt. 2)
13. Healing Time

Although Controlled Bleeding had the occasional tendency to descend into a vicious, abrasive meld of industrial and heavy metal, Skin Chamber fully realizes that musical tangent on Wound. The project features Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty of Controlled Bleeding and this debut effort is one of the most staggeringly monolithic and relentless slabs of corrosive music released in its time. The collective weight of the music is daunting, as well as initially a frightening chore to wade through. Those fairly familiar with Controlled Bleeding might be able to refer to that band's "The Groan" as a hint as to where Skin Chamber dwells. Wound sounds a bit like Satan getting down with his bad self in his own unique manner and the lurching, thunderingly crushing record is testament to that. The rhythms often move in grindingly slow tempos, reminding me quite a bit of the harsher side of doom metal. Vocals are yelled, processed, sometime slowed down and never at all pleasant at any given point. The long album sustains its mood throughout and at the very least should make any sane listener a little less so by the time it ends.

While definitely not an album very many people will care to digest, Wound is a surprisingly well done record that may very well appeal to hardcore doom metal fans who find Disembowelment or Winter to be a good time. For fans of Controlled Bleeding, only those who liked the most oppressive and metallic moments of Trudge will want to search this one out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2001

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