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Slick Idiot - DickNity ©2002 Cleopatra
1. It Won't Do
2. Lazy
3. Make Me Believe
4. Merci Beaucoup
5. Xcess
6. Forgive Me
7. Idiot
8. Get Down - Give In (Sex Song)
9. I Feel Fine
10. Blast
11. Naomi
12. Xcess (remix)

Slick Idiot is apparently the result of the soap opera surrounding KMFDM. Featuring former KMFDM'ers En Esch and Guenter Schulz, Slick Idiot provides the sort of danceable quasi-industrial goth EBM electronic music that young, black-clad miserable teens crave. The band's style is probably something that won't appeal to anyone who can get into a club with a real ID, as opposed to a fake, and may very well require mass amounts of hallucinogenics to appreciate in any way.

Slick Idiot has a reliance to stick with basic dance rhythms, slightly scary processed vocals, and guitars that sound as though Schulz had Rabies playing in one ear and Sehnsucht blasting in the other. The apparent desire for usage of this music seems obvious to me. Slick Idiot wants kids to dress up in a variety of black clothing (preferrably leather outfits with bondage potential), apply heavy amounts of pale makeup, consume a mind altering substance, get sweaty dancing to the likes of "It Won't Do" or "Xcess", grind against a member of the other gender (or own gender, if that's how one leans), and then go home to have efficient German sex. Unfortunately, for those of us over nineteen years of age, Slick Idiot's appeal is very limited. Mr. Schulz and Mr. Esch seem to be dumbing down their music for a "shake your booty in a mechanized manner" approach, leaving little in the way of substance. At times, the half-hearted Lords of Acid styled sex noises are silly at best and other times the street rapping of "Lazy" is just goofy. By the album's end, one feels quite empty inside, as if Slick Idiot sucked out your soul and went all Borg on your ass.

Needless to say, DickNity won't be making my best of 2002 list, not even in retrospect or under the barrel of a German luger.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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