Let's Get It Right The First Time

SNFU - Let's Get It Right The First Time ©1998 Megaforce
1. Intro
2. I Forget
3. Better Than Eddie Vedder
4. Loser At Life/Loser At Death
5. Don't Have The Cow
6. Bobbit
7. Fate
8. Big Thumbs
9. Painful Reminder
10. Rusty Rake
11. Eric's Had A Bad Day
12. You Make Me Thick
13. Drunk On A Bike
14. Charlie Still Smirks
15. Reality Is A Ride On The Bus
16. The Gravedigger
17. Cannibal Cafe
18. Victims Of The Womanizer
19. The Watering Hole

Generic be thy name. I know Chi Pig has been leading SNFU around for quite some time, but they certainly will never be revered in the same tones as Bad Religion, Pennywise or some of the other better known (and simply better) punk bands playing the energetic melodic stuff. This particular release (on the famous metal label that used to be home to Anthrax, Testament, Overkill, among others) is nothing but a well-recorded live platter complete with presumably the most popular selections in the SNFU catalogue. Unfortunately, there's not a lot that stands out here from the rest of the poppunk world. Singer Chi Pig has a tendency to sound like David Byrne doing a punk side project (especially when he slips a bit of "Once in a Lifetime" into "I Forget") while the band plays their everyday riffs and high tempo punk. I think that individual songs placed into a mix tape would help my opinion of SNFU as a single song would sound better not surrounded by other soundalike tunes. But unfortunately, a near hour of this type of things gets dreadfully dull by the end of the disc.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1998

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