Sofa King Killer

Lust Crime And Holiness EP

Sofa King Killer - Lust Crime And Holiness EP ©2002 At A Loss Recordings
1. Die Like An Astronaut
2. Blues Couch
3. CLE
4. Burn The Fields

For years I've given a lot of bands a lot of grief for simply playing a derived sound of their influences. However, it should also be noted and emphasized that I have nothing against a band who has a common sound, but happens to write great songs within that framework. Case in point is Sofa King Killer. This Ohio band plays a groove-laden form of Sab-Rock, my latest subgenre name invention that will surely revolutionize music journalism worldwide, and happens to present four really good songs on Lust Crime and Holiness EP. Sofa King Kill's brand of wah-wah rock'n'roll relies on sheer heaviness and a credible groove within the song to put their ideas across. Most notable is "Blues Couch", which features swamp-drenched acoustic blues playing. Most bands are content to turn their distortion way up and attempt emulating Tony Iommi for hours on end, but Sofa King Killer seems as though they have other aspirations.

This EP is a great introduction to the band. While not exactly vastly different from the tons of other bands playing similar grooves, Sofa King Killer is definitely onto something enjoyable with their good songwriting. A recommended find for those into the style and are looking for some quality.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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