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Look Up And Live

Someday I - Look Up And Live ©1999 Owned & Operated Records
1. Distance
2. Anatomically Modern
3. Too Much
4. Little Destroyer
5. Physics & Chemistry
6. Still Life
7. Knee Jerk Reaction
8. August Eyes
9. Someday I Will Rule The World
10. Job
11. Listen
12. More Than Life

Someday I is one of those bands I have seen slowly grow and improve dramatically over the course of a year or so (if not more - my memory is sometimes pretty shaky). Originally their live show demonstrated their ambition did not quite meet their ability or skill level but as time has worn on, these guys have caught up musically to what they want to accomplish. As Look Up and Live will prove, this trio is not afraid to attempt a more complex song arrangement than what you might expect from a "punk" band. Taking influences from a post-punk slant, Someday I is able to use both blunt force and softer, more subtle passages to get their music across. Perhaps their only drawback still is the vocals, which tend to be too flat to completely push the music over. However, their aggressive songs work very well: "Listen", "Little Destroyer" or "Someday I Will Rule the World". They also are capable of some very memorable melodies such as the catchy "Too Much". As this band has shown live recently, they are in a constant state of improvement. While Look Up and Live does have its share of bland moments ("August Eyes"), there is a lot of promise and still enough good material to make this a worthwhile find for indie rock and post-punk enthusiasts.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2000

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