SOS, The Mob And The Limo Love Scam

SOS - SOS, The Mob And The Limo Love Scam ©1999 3:16 Productions
1. Take It
2. Skookboy Rowe
3. Edumacation
4. Gravel
5. Forbidden Love
6. Porkchop
7. Homegrown
8. Daisy (Ray's Lazy Day)
9. Phantom
10. Who Stole The Bus Stop Sign?
11. The Bottle
12. Sob Story
13. Cowtippin'
14. Let It Ride

SOS is neither a plea for help or a handy household cleaning detergent. Rather, they are a New York band that has timewarped from the early 90s to try their stab at grunge being played with a slighly more punkish attitude. The result is a pretty tepid album that will eventually do nothing more than take up space on your CD shelf. This is not a slam on the band members' collective talents as they are more than capable of playing their instruments. Rather, this is more a response to a fairly lackluster set of songs that only contain the occasionally interesting melody and hook. Without that sort of thing, SOS will never establish themselves as something people will willingly recommend to their friends. There are the occasional flashes of songwriting ability here and there on the release but nothing that will cause fans of the Alice in Chains thing to race out to find a copy of the album. Besides, the dabs into ska rhythms would have to be disconcerting on "Daisy (Ray's Lazy Day)". In the end, SOS, the Mob and the Limo Love Scam is at best competent but when there are literally scores more interesting bands existing today, competent doesn't necessarily cut it.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2000

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