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Written In Blood

Soul Reaper - Written In Blood ©2000 Nuclear Blast
1. Darken The Sign
2. Written In Blood
3. Satanized
4. The Seal Of Degradation
5. Ungodly
6. Subterreanean Might
7. Labyrinth Of The Deathlord

Wahey, a death metal band with members from ol' Dissection! And it sounds decidedly American! And it's really skipping joyfully straight down the middle of the road, too, with little ambition to really be great, or even to bravely be really crappy. This album has impressed me quite a bit with its amazing ability to constantly push my attention away from it; it's like death metal meets muzak, though maybe not quite as offensive.

So what do we get? Lots of fast riffing, fairly good playing and heaps of riffs that fall into that good ol' bleh-category. And that's not to mention that the few truly great riffs that do pop up aren't milked much anyways, so you can be sure that something mediocre or worse is right around the bend. The drummer hops all over the place and has been unfortunate enough to get a really crappy drum sound on this album. He does, however, come up with a fair share of cool stuff, and is probably the high point of this disc.

The vocals aren't much to brag about, a fairly screechy high style - kinda the sound you get if you try to growl with your escophagus full of mucus - that sounds pretty much like the guy just woke up with a slight cold. I'd say the album is at its best when they go into some slower sections, at times reminding me of Morbid Angel and at times of doom metal. The music is at its definite worst when they try some of those tremolo-picked guitar melodies, as they're just no good, and might as well have been sung by frigging Destiny's Child! Aside from the weak drum sound the album has a fairly clean, and somewhat powerful production, though it might've gained from having a slightly less clean production.

It's not surprising that this was released on Nuclear Blast, a label thriving on releasing this sort of inoffensive, unnecessary music. There's really no reason to listen to this when we already have Blessed Are The Sick and numerous better albums of similar style.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 07/2002

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