Self Titled

Soulcrush - Self Titled ©2001 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Absolute Nothingness Pt. 1
2. A New Form Of Schizophrenia
3. Absolute Nothingness Pt. 2
4. I Am Afraid To Die
5. Exceptance

Soulcrush's creatively titled Self Titled is one of those ambient albums that can best be described as factory background noises captured on tape. The bulk of this CD is made up of rumbling tones and occasional rises in pitch. The first three tracks are essentially made up of this form of true ambience with random static-filled voices fluttering about here and there. "I Am Afraid to Die" actually incorporates a piano interlude before being lost into a wash of tones and background sounds (and eventually returning again). On a whole, this is the sort of ambient album that might appeal to those out there who want the purest of ambience with the least amount of actual music possible. There is certainly no humming along or tapping of one's feet with Self-Titled nor will there be a need to listen to this often for those who aren't completely taken by pure ambience.

For collectors and/or other enthusiasts, the first one thousand copies of this CD are being released in a special DVD style box. This might throw off some people who have shelves designed specifically for CDs, but it certainly is a bit different for packaging.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2002

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