Please Send Help

SoulWhirlingSomewhere - Please Send Help ©2001 Projekt
1. The Wedding
2. Nani
3. Aileron
4. Salt Angel
5. Shivering Fox
6. You Stutter When You Sleep
7. Box
8. The Sun In Braids
9. In On
10. Little Gaze
11. Gaze
12. Happy Valley
13. I Give Up. Goodbye.

For all intents and purposes, SoulWhirlingSomewhere is the one band band of Michael Plaster. Fitting into the Projekt Records of non-maudlin "goth" records, this outfit captures a mood of forlorn sadness and dreamy introspective without diving into the theatrical, overblown hijinks of lesser artists. SoulWhirlingSomewhere utilizes a backdrop of piano, quiet guitar similiar to some of Lycia's later work, and Plaster's despondent, yet suggestively hopeful singing. Please Send Help is the kind of album that takes awhile to gestate within a listener's psyche and may not contain much impact upon initial excursions through the disc. It is the kind of disc designed to be listened to late at night on headphones, particularly if you're already in the mood where you missed a long-lost loved one. There are elements of the Slowdive school of shoegazing, only SoulWhirlingSomewhere's shoes are a bit more scuffed and the gaze a little more sullen. The effect of the album is very subdued and hovering just below the horizon. Please Send Help is indeed a lovely album and is worth the time it takes to feel Plaster's misery.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2001

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