Spiral Architect

A Sceptic's Universe

Spiral Architect - A Sceptic's Universe ©2000 Sensory
1. Spinning
2. Excessit
3. Moving Spirit
4. Occam's Razor
5. Insect
6. Cloud Constructor
7. Conjuring Collapse
8. Adaptability
9. Fountainhead

Admittedly Spiral Architect is not an easy listen for the non-musician or non-technical metal fan. A Sceptic's Universe falls into that realm Watchtower reigned over in 1989 with Control and Resistance, but with a little bit more refined musicianship. The biggest issue someone like me might have with this is the fact that the intended audience is not a holistic, rock-your-little-heart-out type of fan like myself. I fully admit this stuff flies over my head and attention span but I guarantee anyone who wants to hear some amazing guitar, bass and drum tricks will have perked ears and peaked attention. The song structures and in fact just the entire approach sounds quite difficult. Vocally, the approach is a high pitched affair not too far off from where Ray Alder of Fates Warning sang when he first joined that band. As stated, Spiral Architect is not for the everyday fan. You probably already know if you have a tolerance for this sort of ambitious musicianship and if you do, absolutely be sure to get this album. I am certain your jaw will drop at these deft musicians. If not, come over to my house and we'll jam out on some AC/DC or Ramones.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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