Under The Cross

Squealer - Under The Cross ©2002 AFM Records
1. Painful Lust
2. Facing The Death
3. My Last Goodbye
4. Thinking Allowed!
5. Under The Cross
6. Rules Of Life
7. Down And Out
8. Fade Away
9. Out Of The Dark
10. In Zaire
11. Low Budget Heroes

If you can find a more uninspiring, unoriginal and derivative subgenre of music than "power metal" (with the power half of that label being quite misleading), please keep it to yourself because I certainly don't want to hear it. There is a small segment of CD buyers out there who insist upon giving this perpetually tired style of music a market and frankly, they're the ones to blame for the proliferation of bands that wouldn't know an original idea even if it served them tea, babysat their children and tucked them into bed at night with a little story about goats. This has flooded the market with scores of soundalike bands and alienated a good segment of listeners with the lack of originality. With CD costs continually rising and a lot of buyers facing tough economic times, is it any wonder that there is a backlash against this trend? Record labels such as AFM will blame the music journalists in an indirect way. (They send promos with all the tracks unindexed, forcing a reviewer to suffer through one long track and being unable to reference certain songs with any sort of ease. Needless to say, that batch of promos will never be reviewed and any other reviewer out there should do the exact same thing.) Labels assume that their power metal records aren't selling because of MP3 piracy, but the fact is people are probably sick to death of hearing boring pseudo-arena rock bands with a Gamma Ray/Helloween/Running Wild (pick one) main influence. And the handful of people who aren't tired just have smaller collections than the rest of us.

I probably should point out before this review is finished that Squealer's Under the Cross is a dull, useless exercise in drivel.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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