Stella Luna


Stella Luna - Stargazer ©2002 Clairecords
1. Change
2. Stargazer
3. Antares
4. A Bridge To Nowhere

It's drony, it's shrouded in wet, echoing production, it's Stella Luna! Think of what Lush might have sounded like had they come into practice popping too many Valiums or perhaps a collaboration between Lycia and My Bloody Valentine and you got a rough idea of what Stella Luna is like. I say "rough" because I really only pretend to know what I'm talking about. But nevertheless, pay attention if the terms "shoegazer" or "dreampop" are either a) overused at this site or b) make you really happy inside.

This four song EP entitled Stargazer (which is really quite the opposite direction their musical gaze goes) is an apt little introduction to the band. Their music is very slow, quiet and tranquil, although heaped with cascades of reverb and distortion. Voices seem to echo from quiet little recesses just in between the guitar and percussion, hopefully making you slightly paranoid in the process. Unlike some other dreampop bands, Stella Luna does occasionally allow a moderate amount of bombast with their guitars. Otherwise this band might become too tranquil for their own good and lull even the most fussy infant to sleep.

The brevity of the album is most likely what will encourage fans of this sort of style to long for more. Stella Luna isn't necessarily the most amazing band to ever attempt playing with the reverb controls of the studio, but they do a fine enough job to warrant further inspection. Those who like a little noise in their ethereal moods may wish to check this out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2002

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