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Stone - Stone ©1988 Mechanic
1. Get Stoned
2. No Commands
3. Eat Your Pride
4. The Day of Death
5. Reached Out
6. Real Delusion
7. Brain Damage
8. Escape
9. Final Countdown
10. Overtake

Thrash metal erupted in the 80s and most of our attention ended up focused on the Bay Area and German thrash scenes, with a few bands popping here and there to fill out the landscape. But one region that oddly didn't produce many bands was Scandinavia. Bathory of course is an exception, but Quorthon had his band blazing an entirely different trail. Otherwise, most metal fans may have only known about Europe as Scandinavia's contribution to hard rock, sad as that is. However, Finland did manage to produce a fairly good band with Stone, a thrash project that still seems quite obscure, despite being considerably better than many of their peers of the time period. A couple of the members ultimately ended up in far more famous bands (Amorphis, Children of Bodom), but Stone still is a rather forgotten act that should have gotten more ear time.

Stone undeniably fit into the thrash/speed scene, with leanings towards the German side of things as opposed to the Bay Area style. However, Stone also had a slightly odd off kilter sound (possibly due to the heavily accented vocals) that always made me think they had downed a case of beer before recording. Split up between four members, that's not actually a lot of beer, but perhaps enough to give them a good hearty buzz. Fortunately for music fans, this does not mean they ended up sounding like Tankard. The production on the album is actually quite good for an independent act, especially compared to a lot of their peers. Best of all, the band doesn't show their entire songwriting arsenal on the first track. They knew how to vary tempos, offer reasonable dynamics and keep the album interesting from start to finish. Best of all, they do a hilariously terrible rendition of the opening of "The Final Countdown" to put Europe properly in their place.

A lot of the thrash and speed metal of the late 80s has ended sounding dated, but I find myself enjoying this album more now than when I first got it back in 1989 or so. Not all albums from the era age well, which suggests this band might have deserved more recognition than they initially got. As a result, Stone is certainly a recommended album for thrash fans to turn over.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2012

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