Greatest Hits

Sublime - Greatest Hits ©1999 MCA
1. What I Got
2. Wrong Way
3. Santeria
4. 40 Oz. To Freedom
5. Smoke Two Joints
6. Date Rape
7. Saw Red
8. Badfish
9. Doin' Time

At long last, here is the definitive collection of Sublime songs for the masses. No longer do casual fans have to get four full-length albums and suffer through two hours' worth of filler material in order to get to the meat and potatoes of the late ska-core band's works. Every song on the disc is a radio hit (some were only popular on KROQ in SoCal, but so what?) and the album is an excellent representation of the band's politically incorrect achievements. Drinkin' 40s on the corner, hanging out with teenage prostitutes, and smokin' two joints with some homies in the LBC - that's the life, man. Personally, this reviewer would have happily swapped "Saw Red" or "Poolshark" for the undeservingly absent "Caress Me Down" and traded in his self-titled Sublime album, but it wasn't meant to be. On the plus side, the two videos are nice additions; the quality is good and the songs are repeats from the audio selections rather than unique tracks that wouldn't be playable unless the listener had access to a multimedia-capable computer. Now if the surviving members of Nirvana would only get their acts together and do the same for their band...

Review by Jonathan Arnett

Review date: 05/2000

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